Kevin Ayers - What More Can I Say...

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Kevin Ayers - What More Can I Say...

Kevin Ayers listened to this recently discovered collection of his private demo recordings and out-takes, and found them to be a refreshing reminder of a musical innocence, unique to the nineteen seventies. Much more than nuggets from a golden era, these songs remain compellingly personal in their simplicity, and sit alongside sunny instrumentals featuring friends David Bedford, Mike Oldfield, Archie Leggett (1944 – 1997) and Robert Wyatt. Of special note is the fourteen minute private demonstration for the Doctor Dream suite, a stunning 'audio letter' synopsis with acoustic performances and wry commentary. Never has Kevin Ayers' voice and guitar been captured in such natural intimacy. These beautifully recorded reel-to-reel tapes are an indispensable portrait of an artist as a young man. Or to convey the response from manager Tim Shepard, "This is Kevin's Holy Grail!" What more can we say?

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