Kevin Ayers & the Whole World - Hyde Park Free Concert

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Kevin Ayers: define as you please, the songs, the singer. The Whole World: organist David Bedford, saxophonist Lol Coxhill, bassist Mike Oldfield, and on this occasion, drummer Robert Wyatt. Whilst the BBC sessions broadcast other sides of the Whole World that produced their classic Shooting at the Moon album, this summer 1970 Hyde Park Free Concert recording brings to life a deliriously heavy, heady rock experience in overdrive! How else to handle Kevin's Soft Machine classics Did It Again and Why Are We Sleeping. Arguably, few other groups from this era offered such eclectic musical experiences and personalities, occasioned by legendary lapses of public professionalism. Restored as fully as possible from a two track copy, Hyde Park Free Concert 1970 is presented with the fond endorsement of a former festival Jester.


"I've listened to the 'Hyde Park Free Concert 1970' twice non-stop this evening, and I'm simply amazed not only at the quality of the performance, also the 'physical presence' of the sound, the relevance of the historic document as a whole... what an enjoyable disc this is!"

Sergio Amadori ~

"That was a happy band!"
Robert Wyatt 2007

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