Soft heap - Al Dente

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Soft heap - Al Dente

Hugh HopperSoft Heap was the personal acronym for an assemblage of old friends throughout 1978. Bass guitarist Hugh Hopper and saxophonist Elton Dean (1950-2006) began their long musical partnership during their days with the classic Soft Machine quartet. Keyboardist Alan Gowen (1947-1981) and drummer Pip Pyle (1945-2006) became friends when their respective bands, Gilgamesh and Hatfield & The North, coalesced for special concerts in 1973. Apart from their eponymous record, Soft Heap only gave two concerts in London prior to Alan and Pip reconvening to carry on as National Health. Fortunately, their appearance at London's then premier jazz club, The Phoenix, was recorded onto reel-to-reel tape by audience member Roy Wilbraham. It preserves a striking set of compositions played with panache, beginning with a tender reading of Elton's "Fara" and climaxing with an exhilarating chase through "One For Lee". The recording also reveals a hitherto unreleased composition, Alan Gowen's "Sleeping House". This full length CD is one tasty listening experience, for those with a soft spot for Soft Heap, to sink their teeth into ~ Al Dente style!


"A great post-Soft Machine performance from the Soft Heap group, one that's filled with a lot more soul than you might expect! Tracks are longish, but never self-indulgent -- and the electric piano and reeds are especially great, spinning out with an almost spiritual feel at times."

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