Ray Russell - Secret Asylum

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Ray RussellRay Russell is a composer whose wild explorations and sonic extensions of the electrified guitar set him aside from the famed British guitar heroes of the late sixties and seventies. Ray's Rhythm and Blues roots with The John Barry Seven, Georgie Fame, Graham Bond Organisation were set aside by the urgent call of the free jazz movement, and a succession of classic recordings (Turn Circle, Dragon Hill, Rites & Rituals, Live at the ICA, The Running Man) gave rise to his most challenging and ultimately rewarding suite of spectral sounds, the magnificent Secret Asylum. As always, percussionist Alan Rushton batters beyond belief alongside the darting double bass of Daryl Runswick, with Harry Beckett playing inimitable figurines from his flugelhorn. The Quintet is finalized by tenor titan Gary Windo who gives the last word in whirlwind intensity. Throughout the journey Secret Asylum presents sonic caresses and searing assaults from all its featured participants, and its success has yet to be equaled. Ray Russell has since closed the doors of his Asylum times and has enjoyed a successful career with many related and unrelated musics, however decades later Ray looks back with affection for what can now be looked forward to with open ears, his Secret Asylum.


"A study in extremes, perhaps, but this 1973 gem by the multifaceted and accomplished guitarist Ray Russell and his five-piece free-jazz unit is highly regarded by those who know it, and is a welcome reissue indeed. I'm finding myself going for the repeat button more often than not."

Peter Thelen ~ Expose

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