Pam & Gary Windo - Avant Gardeners

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Pam & Gary Windo - Avant Gardeners

Pam and Gary Windo were coupled in spirit with a private passion for the musical road less traveled. During their marriage, Gary taught Pam how to approach the piano as an "expressive extension of life", the aesthetic which informed his mastery of the tenor saxophone. Their mutual support flowered into numerous compositions for various recording projects, while journeys into the realm of free improvisation remained private. In 1976 an opportunity to perform at the Maidstone College of Art as a duo allowed them to bring along the rhythm section from the Brotherhood of Breath, bassist Harry Miller and drummer Louis Moholo for a set. Gary captured this concert by placing on stage a consumer reel-to-reel tape recorder and stereo microphone. In addition, an extraordinary private home session with the magnificent percussionist from Ovary Lodge, Frank Perry, was recorded. Reel Recordings has meticulously remastered and edited forty minutes of explosive and exploratory episodes of moments frozen in time. With friends in tow, the extant recordings of Gary and Pam Windo soaring in improvisational flight, with gale force winds in their slipstream can now be experienced. Avant Gardeners is a vital, visceral listen rooted in love and passion.


"Stark raving brilliance or sheer madness, the opening duet improv featuring only Pam Windo on piano and the late Gary Windo on tenor sax is an explosion of emotion that is barely contained, absolutely stunning in its primacy, commanding a listener's undivided attention. The remainder of the disc is just icing on the cake after that!"

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