Isipingo ~ Full Steam Ahead

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Harry Miller's Isipingo ~ Full Steam Ahead

South African bassist Harry Miller (1941-1983) retains stature as an internationally recognized player who possessed both technical virtuosity and limitless musicality. One needs to only consider his gorgeous bass playing within the Mike Westbrook Concert Band and the legendary Brotherhood of Breath, to cite but two. During the mid-seventies Harry Miller formed Isipingo, a sextet crucible for his joyfully infectious Kwela inspired compositions. The musicians in the fray of these previously unreleased studio recordings read as a 'who's who' of classic British Jazz; alto saxophonist Mike Osborne (1943-2007), pianists Stan Tracey or Keith Tippett, trumpeters Mongezi Feza (1945-1975) or Mark Charig, trombonists Nick Evans or Malcolm Griffiths, with the other half of Harry's heartbeat, drummer Louis Moholo, stoking the fiery coals. These men stampede through Harry Miller's vibrant compositions, two of which appear here for the first time.

Born out of numerous sweaty nights in London's Peanuts, Phoenix and 100 Club, these undeniably exhilarating recordings of Harry Miller's Isipingo remains a proud clarion for the present generation of jazz lovers. Reel Recordings, in cooperation with Hazel Miller's Ogun Records unfurl the legendary Isipingo banner and march proudly into the 21st century ~ Full Steam Ahead!


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