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  Dreamtime Double Trouble
Dreamtime Double Trouble
Photo by: Francoise Sauze

Dreamtime is an international quintet comprised of Welshman Nick Evans, trombone; American ex-pat Jim Dvorak, trumpet; Italian Roberto Bellatalla, bass, and Brits Gary Curson, alto sax; Jim Lebaigue, drums. Their collective musicality is an infectious display of extroverted composition and energetic jazz improvisation, all wrapped up and torn down in the border-less spirit that is Dreamtime. This is a so-called jazz band that reaches for music ‘beyond the notes’ and succeed with exquisite panache. Disc One presents a stunning set by the quintet before an appreciative audience at the 1986 Bracknell Jazz Festival, as introduced by compere Lol Coxhill.  Disc Two lets us experience a rare 1991 recording of the Dreamtime quintet doubled up with friends: Paul Rutherford, trombone; Paul Dunmall, tenor, baritone saxophone; Kevin Davy, trumpet; Marcio Mattos, bass, and Mark Sanders, drums. Here is a powerful capture of music making as ‘back of the neck hair-raising’ as you would hope. To bring the Dreamtime into a multi-sensory realm, Disc 3 is an all-region DVD of an amateur film made at London’s 100 Club in 2006. In this performance the sextet including pianist Keith Tippett, play homage to their late friend, Elton Dean. What more can be said for the music? Everything that listening will give testament to! Double Trouble presents three discs with an ear and eye towards an overdue reappraisal of this much loved band of musical misfits, known today as ‘the dreamers’.

Addendum ~ Reel Recordings is honored to be home to music energized by many of the finest drummers from the British Jazz Scene: Ken Hyder, Frank Perry, Louis Moholo, John Stevens, Phil Seamen, Trevor Tompkins, Eddie Prevost, Tony Marsh, Keith Bailey, to wit. The drummer's spirit & sound is a critical element to the musical recordings for which we care. As such, Reel is proud to present music driven so brilliantly by the lesser known, but no less talented Jim Lebaigue. Welcome aboard Jim!


"Shot through with an urgency that some bands can only dream of. Echoes of the Brotherhood of Breath and the Willem Breuker Kollektief put this band on a rarefied level.”
- Nic Jones ~ All About Jazz

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